Why EPC Boss ?

EPC Boss is the leading affiliate network in the performance marketing space for good reason. We quickly and exponentially grew our company by providing our publishers only the top converting offers with the highest and FASTEST payouts in the industry.

There's no middle man to get in the way of your payouts because we control multiple exclusives. And we rigorously test all potential offers before we make them public, so you never have to worry about sending traffic to something that hasn't already been proven to convert.

Net 1 electronic deposits with no hold backs, charge backs, or refunds means you get the money you earned quickly, and without headaches. With over $65 million paid on time to our affiliates since our inception in 1999, you won't ever worry about getting paid again.

Weekly Net 1 Payouts!

EPC Boss is completely disrupting the performance marketing industry with its lightning fast Net 1 payouts.  We're the only CPA network paying you on Monday for traffic sent the previous week.

We realize the importance of cash flow to your business and we understand that getting your money quick allows you to re-invest in your ad campaigns.  That's why we pay a lightning fast weekly Net 1.

We pay weekly, every single week like clockwork, and we offer a variety of options for you to receive your funds, such as: wire transfer, ACH deposit, Paypal.

Frequent Prizes

Yes, Net 1 payouts on every offer you promote means that you're getting paid what you're owed, and you're getting paid quickly.

But, EPC Boss isn't stopping there. We want you to have fun promoting offers for us and we're happy to reward you above and beyond what you're owed.

That's why we frequently hold cash and prize contests, which all of our publishers are eligible for and which we are renowned for.

Previous Prizes, include a 70 inch 4k TV, Laptops, Gaming Consoles, and of course Ten Thousands of a dollars in cash.


If you have quality traffic and you're ready to run offers that consistently convert while getting your payments quickly, then EPC Boss is for you.

We specialize in high conversion high payout offers across multiple verticals and we have the best selection of the top CPA and CPL offers in the industry.

Whether you're a mailer, a blogger, or a media buyer we most certainly have the right offer for your geo targets, verticals, and traffic.

Bring all of your traffic to EPC Boss today and get your commissions Net 1.

Plus we'll match (or beat) any payout you're getting on other networks, so you're going to receive the maximum possible payment each week

  • Exclusive Offers
  • Weekly Payments
  • Highest Payouts
  • Dedicated Support
  • Cash Contests
  • become an affiliate


Are you an advertiser with an offer that converts and a desire for more high quality traffic and leads? Or are you ready to scale your offer to new levels?

Then EPC Boss is the network for you because we have spent almost two decades cultivating a dominant affiliate base with traffic across a wide swath of verticals.

Our knowledgeable team will work with you to build your traffic at a scale that works for you, while generating only the best quality leads.

EPC Boss's fraud screening and prevention is unparalleled and you can rest assured that you're always getting premium traffic from quality publishers.

Because we built our business with our own wildly popular offers first, we know exactly what it takes to help you grow your business today.

  • Specialized Traffic
  • Fraud Screening
  • Vast Affiliate Base
  • A Decade Of Experience
  • High Quality Leads
  • become an advertiser

Cutting Edge Anti-Fraud Systems

EPC Boss treats each offer as if it was our own, which means we proactively and vigorously defend against fraud. We are always on guard to ensure you're always receiving only the highest quality leads. And we have a very thorough affiliate vetting process that prevents fraud before it begins.  

Our leading-edge software continually monitors for suspicious activity, unmasks proxies, looks for device ID manipulation, cookie stuffing, and more.  Additionally, our experienced and knowledgeable staff do random affiliate and spot site checks to be certain that only premium quality traffic ever reaches your site.

EPC Boss Fraud Prevention:

Rigorous Vetting Process

Continuous Traffic Analysis

Random Affiliate Audits

Established In 1999

The founders of EPC Boss built the first of their many multi-million dollar offers way back in 1999, dominating the most hyper competitive markets, so you can rest assured we have been there and done that. With us you're getting a full team with in the street experience that knows exactly what it takes to make an offer convert and what you need to be profitable, whether you're an affiliate or an advertiser.

Our focus is to provide our valued affiliates with a portfolio of only the best converting and highest payout CPA, CPL, and CPC offers in the industry. With over $65 million dollars in always-on- time payouts, paid out an industry leading Net 1, you can rest assured that you'll make more money faster with us. Whether you're an affiliate looking to catapult your income by extracting more money from every one of your clicks, or an advertiser that needs more high quality traffic and leads, EPC Boss is the place for you.